Background of ChinaStar Design Award

The Design Committee of China Packaging Federation (CPF) was established in 1981 as the first state-level social organization that focused on graphic design art.

As a key project with industrial administrative features, the ChinaStar Design Award was founded by CPF's Design Committee in 1983 and has been carried out ever since for 12 years to this day. It is a professional judging activity in Chinese graphic design industry with the highest historical value, academics, authority and symbol of commodity form. Based on the ChinaStar Design Award, China Packaging Design Award was initiated in 2013, with an aim to promote exchange and cooperation in the packaging design community and exert a positive influence and significance on the sustainable development of Chinese packaging industry.

For more than three decades, the ChinaStar Design Award has been consistently upholding the principle of Design Serves China. The Award is intended to strengthen the creativity and competitiveness of design talents through judging, boost market competition, help the industry develop its own brand, and increase the additional value of products. The scale, influence and industrialization of all previous ChinaStar Design Award judging activities have made it the most prestigious award in the design industry and a symbol of China's opening up to the world's culture.

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